Downtown Yamagata Bar Hopping

Yamagata is an excellent place to discover Japan’s scenic beauty and ancient culture, but your adventure doesn’t have to end at sundown. The prefecture’s

Pottery Class at Shichiemongama

Take part in a pottery workshop in the artisan hamlet of Hirashimizu just outside of Yamagata City.  Yamagata’s earthenware pottery is part of centuries

Sake Tasting at La Jomon  

Enjoy a flight of sake from Yamagata Prefecture curated by Taro Kumagai, one of the Tohoku Region’s most famous sommeliers.  This tasting session takes

Tomihiro Kimono Rentals

Rent a kimono from Tomihiro, one of Japan’s most famous kimono manufacturers.  You can wear these kimono around Yamagata City and even rent them

Yamagata City Izakaya Course

Enjoy a special 2 hour dinner and drinking course right in the heart of downtown Yamagata City. This course includes all you can drink

Yamagata Wagyu BBQ

As one of the top 6 wagyu regions of Japan, Yamagata boasts some of the most buttery smooth and absolutely delicious wagyu in all