Downtown Yamagata Bar Hopping

Yamagata is an excellent place to discover Japan’s scenic beauty and ancient culture, but your adventure doesn’t have to end at sundown. The prefecture’s

Kaminoyama Cycling Tour

Glide through the wide open rice fields and vast fruit orchards surrounding the hot spring city of Kaminoyama just south of Yamagata City. During

Kaminoyama Winery Tour and Dinner Pairing

Located just outside of Yamagata City, Kaminoyama is famous for its healing onsen waters, fascinating historic charm, and for the sweet fragrant fruit that

Nanyo Winery Tour and Lunch

Meet the brewers behind Yellow Magic Winery, Nanyo's local artisanal wine famous for its naturally brilliant colors and unique flavors. Nanyo is famous for

Takikomi Rice with Chef Sawatari

Modernity marries tradition. For many in Yamagata City, Chitosekan is a perfect encapsulation of the spirit of the Meiji Restoration, a tremendous pivot in Japanese

The Art of Kimono

Gain exclusive access into one of the artisan studios of Tomihiro, one of the top 3 kimono producers in all of Japan that has

Tofu Workshop in a Traditional Japanese Storehouse

Tofu is one of the key foundations of Japanese cuisine and it can be found in almost everything from miso soup, ramen, to of

Tomihiro Kimono Rentals

In the world of kimono, Tomihiro stands above most as one of the "big three" kimono manufacturers in Japan, transcending 26 generations of craftsmanship,

Yamadera Hiking Tour

This tour starts in town and follows the pilgrim path up the 1,015 stone steps of the temple. Our first stop will be at

Yamagata City Izakaya Course

Enjoy a special 2 hour dinner and drinking course right in the heart of downtown Yamagata City. This course includes all you can drink

Yamagata Wagyu BBQ

As one of the top 6 wagyu regions of Japan, Yamagata boasts some of the most buttery smooth and absolutely delicious wagyu in all