During the Edo Period, flocks of ships known as Kitamaebune carried barrel upon barrel of  Yamagata rice between the port city of Sakata and the capital of Edo. However, as Sakata flourished as a domestic hub for all trade, travel, and business, the need for something to provide entertainment for the many merchants, elites, and businesspeople arose. Hence, during the 15th-century Geisha culture made its way up the Sea of Japan and found a home here in Sakata.

Today you can see how the song, dance, and talent of the geisha have transcended history as you watch a splendid performance by the trainee Geisha known as Maiko here at Somaro Maiko Teahouse in Sakata City. While Maiko culture is most widely associated with Kyoto, the style of the performance has evolved into its own unique tradition here in Sakata and has been practiced to perfection throughout the centuries.

Daily performances take place at Somaro Maiko Teahouse in Sakata City every day at 2 pm and consist of three separate dances that last for about 20 minutes. During the performance, the Maiko will sing, dance, and play traditional Japanese instruments. 

After the performance, guests are welcome to take photos with the maiko and are welcome to explore the many rooms and halls of their teahouse.  Somaro also has a cafe inside of the facility where you can be served tea and other sweets by the Maiko.

Please note that cancellations must be made at least one week before your reservation and that late showers may not be able to see the performance.

Even with a reservation, we recommend arriving at Somaro Maiko Teahouse at least 15 minutes before the performance.

LOCATION Somaro Maiko Teahouse
Event Date(s) Year Round (Closed on Wednesdays)
Activity Time 2:00pm
Activity Length Approximately 30 minutes
Price 1,900 yen/person


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