Work alongside Chef Kichibei Sawatari, the head chef and owner of Chitosekan.  This historic ryotei is a high class Japanese restaurant that is one of the historic landmarks of Yamagata City sharing the same architect as the Bunshokan museum in the heart of this city.

In this culinary workshop you will learn how to prepare takikomi gohan, a versatile rice dish that benefits from the high quality rice and bountiful vegetables found across Yamagata.

This dish cooks rice, dashi, and various vegetables and meats together to form a delicious and healthy dish with rich flavors and delicious texture.
Chef Sawatari will teach you how to prepare this dish as well as how to make the most out of high grade Yamagata rice by cooking it in a ceramic pot as opposed to typical rice cookers.

LOCATION Chitosekan
Event Date(s) Year Round
Activity Time Flexible
Activity Length Approximately 2 hours
Price 10,000 yen/person 

Note that a minimum of two people is required to run this experience.

This program starts and ends at Chitosekan, a Japanese restaurant in Yamagata City.

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