Yamagata City

As the  capital of Yamagata Prefecture, Yamagata City serves a central hub to this region that you will likely pass through during travels here.  Its direct bullet train access from Tokyo via the Yamagata Shinkansen and transportation lines that connect it to the rest of the prefecture make for an excellent location to begin your journey in Yamagata.

Many of Yamagata’s top sightseeing locations like Mt. Zao, Yamadera, and Hirashimizu are all located within close proximity to Yamagata City.  At night the downtown area of this city comes alive with a plethora of excellent bars, izakaya, and restaurants that feature the best that this prefecture has to offer.

See below for a list of experiences that we have gathered in and around the Yamagata City area.  

Culinary Programs 


Enjoy a special 2 hour dinner and drinking course right in the heart of downtown Yamagata City. This course includes


As one of the top 6 wagyu regions of Japan, Yamagata boasts some of the most buttery smooth and absolutely


Yamagata is an excellent place to discover Japan’s scenic beauty and ancient culture, but your adventure doesn’t have to end

Outdoor and Cultural Programs 


In the world of kimono, Tomihiro stands above most as one of the "big three" kimono manufacturers in Japan, transcending