Izakaya are the heart and fire of Japanese nightlife! While many try to translate Izakaya simply as a “pub” or “tavern”, the concept of izakaya goes far beyond that as they serve as meeting places for friends old and new to connect and enjoy time spent together after a long day of work!

While most izakaya have flocks of regular customers that feel as if they are right at their second home, often actually finding one as a foreigner can be quite daunting given that they are typically located in little “hole in the wall” buildings and rarely have English menus or signage.

Under this experience, enjoy a special 2-hour dinner and drinking course right in the heart of downtown Yamagata City as you enjoy all you can drink sake, umeshu (plum wine), and other various mixed drinks! The course menu features:

  • 宴前小菜
  • 日式火鍋(雞肉丸子火鍋)
  • 生魚片(6種)
  • 烤魚
  • 雞蛋捲
  • 天婦羅
  • 菜粥

And the 2-hour drinking course has 10 types of sake from all around Yamagata Prefecture, 3 types of umeshu (plum wine), cocktails, and more!

All preparations will be made ahead of time so no need to worry about the language barrier and relax, unwind, and enjoy the best that Yamagata City has to offer past dark!

價格 4500日圓/每人
營業時間 16:00〜23:00
時間 Approximately 2 hours
費用內容包含 Dinner and all you can drink alcohol(2 hours)
費用不包含 英語導遊費



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