Hike up the 2,446 stone steps of Mt. Haguro that winds through its ancient cedar forest to the Dewa Sanzan Shrine and try shojin ryori at a shrine in the forest.  This is the traditional cuisine of the Yamabushi mountain monks that follows the strict dietary restrictions of these monks who developed this cuisine to sustain themselves during their training on these mountains.  Shojin Ryori is primarily vegetarian, however in some cases soup broth derived from fish may be used in some of the dishes.  Please let us know if you would like to substitute this out when you make a reservation.

This program is fully guided by a local guide and starts in the morning.

We will begin our program by meeting at the gate of Zuishimon at the base of Mt. Haguro.  Here you will meet your local guide and begin your hike into the ancient forests of Mt. Haguro along its ancient stone path.

Along the way we will pass sights like the Harigawa River, Grandfather Cedar, and Five Storied Pagoda of this mountain.
We will then make climb our way up to the Dewa Sanzan Shrine at the top of this mountain where we will tour the inside of the shrine and make an offering.  Located right next to this shrine is Saikan, the shrine lodging where some of the best Shojin Ryori in all of Yamagata is served by Chef Shinkichi Ito.

You will have lunch with your guide who will explain to you more about the cuisine as you eat it as well as the Yamabushi who developed it.
Following lunch we will then make our way down the mountain back to the Zuishimon Gate.

地點 羽黑山 隨神門
時間 約1.5小時
開始時間 6:00 pm to 10:00pm
時間 約3小時
價格 7000日圓/每人

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