The Shonai region has long been held near synonymous with its pure white rice grown in the fertile terraces nestled between the striking mountains of Dewa and the calm Sea of Japan. To some, rice may seem to be nothing more than a staple crop, something that takes up space on the dinner plate while the main entry overpowers the palate. But here in the Shonai region, rice is different. Rice is life.  From rice, sake is born.

Crafted from the same carefully cultivated rice stalks that dust the Shonai planes is sake, a fermented alcohol that has been a cornerstone of Japanese cuisine, culture, and tradition since the beginning of Japanese history itself. With a plethora of various brewing techniques and methods, the taste of sake varies from subtle, to bold as no two bottles are ever quite the same.

During this tour enjoy a flight of some of the finest sake in the Shonai Region at Ayatsuru, a local bar located right next to Tsuruoka Station. The sake master of this bar curates a unique selection of sake exclusively from the local breweries of this region and will help you choose three sake tailored specially for you.  With Shonai sake warm in your belly, there is not a more pleasant way to cap off your night here in the Shonai region.


Reservations not required.


LOCATION The Ayatsuru Bar in Foodever next to Tsuruoka Station
Price 1500yen
Activity Time 6:00 pm to 10:00pm
Activity Length Approximately 3omins
3 cups of sake table fee
3 small food items

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