Fermentation Culinary Tour of Shonai

For many, shoyu soy sauce and sake are the epitome of the unique and subtle flavors closely associated with Japanese cuisine. Both are quite

Fugu workshop

See first hand the incredibly intricate art of one of the culinary world's most daring and delicious delicacies! Fugu or "Japanese pufferfish" is an

Maiko Performance at Somaro

See the splendor of the traditional song, dance and instrument mastery of the Sakata Maiko performers! This reservation is for the daily 2:00pm performance

Matsugaoka Silk Mills Tour

From the fall of the Meiji, down came the castles and the many Samurai traded their swords for silk looms in order to continue

Morning Hiking on Mt. Haguro

According to legend, Mt. Haguro was discovered by Prince Hachiko over 1,500 years ago as he was led by a three-legged raven to the

Overnight Zen Meditation at Zenpoji Temple

Spend the night in the ancient temple of  Zenpoji where the divine dragon serpents of Naga are believed to reside and watch over the

Shonai Sake Tasting

The Shonai region has long been held near synonymous with its pure white rice grown in the fertile terraces nestled between the striking mountains

Sushi workshop

Sushi is one of the most iconic Japanese foods and has long been a culinary must-try for those visiting Japan as nowhere in the

Yamabushi Training on Mt. Haguro

Journey deep into the Dewa Sanzan Mountains of Yamagata Prefecture and experience the ancient traditions of the Yamabushi monks in an immersive two-day program.

Yamabushi Training on Mt. Kinbo

Venture into the pristine forests of Mt. Kinbo with Masato Konno, a Yamabushi mountain monk who will introduce you to the beliefs and practices

Zen Mediation and Shojin Ryori at Zenpoji Temple

Take a day trip to visit the ancient temple of Zenpoji where the divine dragon serpents of Naga are believed to reside and watch