Tofu is one of the key foundations of Japanese cuisine and it can be found in almost everything from miso soup, ramen, to of course mabo tofu! However, not all tofu is created equal. Tofu here in Yamagata City is made from locally grown soybeans that are considered to be some of the richest and most flavorful in all of Japan. Combine them with local, traditional culinary techniques that date back generations, Yamagata tofu will set the new standard for tofu as you travel Japan.

In this workshop, work alongside Mrs. Horikawa to learn how to prepare a local style of tofu with Yamagata soybeans from start to finish. Mrs. Horikawa is a longtime resident of Yamagata City who runs a series of cultural workshops in her beautiful traditional Japanese storehouse that has been in her family for generations.

Together with Mrs. Horikawa, you will learn how tofu is made step by step including boiling, blending, filtering, and setting the tofu into its block form.

As is typical in Japanese cuisine, no ingredients go to waste and you will also be working with the leftover soybean material that is filtered out when making the tofu.  With this bean curd, you will make one of a variety of dishes with Horikawa San that will be served in the meal after your workshop.

After the cooking is done, you will then enjoy a lunch centered around the delicious soybean cooking that you have done together with Mrs. Horikawa.

Horikawa speaks English and has prepared English materials that make this workshop very easy to enjoy no matter where you are from. She is also very friendly loves her hometown very much and so you can feel free to ask her anything you want about Yamagata City for a waterfall of information! If you’re looking for other great places for tourism in Yamagata, consider this a great place to start!

Note: Please inform us of any allergies or dietary needs.

LOCATION Downtown Yamagata City
Event Date(s) Year Round
Activity Time Flexible (10:00am usually)
Activity Length Approximately 2 hours
Price 13,000 yen/person 
Reservation Cut Off 3 Days Before
Reservation Confirmation Manual (we will call the vendor and get back to you)
Cancellations  3 days: no charge

2 days: 30%

1 day/ no show: 100%

Note that a minimum of two people is required to run this experience.

However please reach out to us if you would like to book with a single participant or after the cut off period and we are always happy to try to work something out!

This program is run in a small storehouse behind a private Japanese home.
Please meet Mrs. Horikawa in front of the Japan Post Office parked in the map below.

The walk to her home is only a minute from here.

1 Chome-7-24 Tokamachi, Yamagata, 990-8799, Japan

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