Wagyu beef is one of the culinary highlights for many during their stay in Japan as the marbled buttery smooth texture of the beef gushes with the rich silky umami flavor that cannot be found anywhere else.

As one of the top 6 wagyu regions of Japan, Yamagata boasts some of the highest quality and most delicious wagyu in all of Japan. This is due to the fact that the pristine, unspoiled nature of Yamagata is the perfect nurturing ground for some of the fattest, healthiest cattle in the entire country.

During this experience, you can enjoy Yamagata wagyu right at the source as you rent a grill and are started off with a small sampler of various cuts of wagyu to get you acquainted with both cooking and enjoying the various wagyu cuts. From there, stop inside the local market Yoshida to purchase additional great cuts of wagyu at a fraction of the usual price that couldn’t be fresher!

The experience includes 1.5 hours of grill rental time and a starting set of wagyu cuts however anything purchased from Yoshida will be at an additional cost.


LOCATION Supermarket Yoshida near Yamagata Station
Price 2,500yen/person
Activity Time 4:00 pm to 5:30pm
Activity Length Approximately 1.5 hours.

yamagata bbq

yamagata bbq

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