Enjoy Yamagata’s famous beef in this special tasting course that includes beef tempura and sukiyaki! 

This tasting session includes a variety of other local Yamagata dishes and seasonal vegetables.  It also features Yukiwakamaru, Yamagata Prefecture’s newest brand of ultra premium rice! You can also add in an optional set of Yamagata sake to pair with this tasting session.

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LOCATION Sanzashi(山査子)
Event Date(s) Everyday (expect monday)
Start Time Between 18:00~19:30
Activity Length Approximately 2 hours.

Choose start time from either 18:00 / 18:30 / 19:00‌

Be shown to your table and sit down to a unique tasting course, including:‌


・‘Yamagata Beef’ Wagyu tempura with seasonal veggies‌

・‘Yamagata Beef’ Wagyu ‘sukiyaki’ (thinly sliced beef cooked in sweet soy-sauced based sauce with vegetables)‌

・Two varieties of local sake from Yamagata to pair with the meal‌

・Rice set (local Yukiwakamaru brand rice from Yamagata)‌

・Seasonal Fruit from Yamagata‌

If you finish the course and are still tempted by the rest of the menu, feel free to order more (at additional cost)!

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