Yamagata is an excellent place to discover Japan’s scenic beauty and ancient culture, but your adventure doesn’t have to end at sundown. The prefecture’s capital is also a hub for a vibrant nightlife, with hundreds of bars, izakaya, restaurants, and snack-style establishments found throughout the city. On this tour, your local guide will introduce you to three incredible izakaya, each with its own unique style, atmosphere and flavor! 

您可以盡情地享用到山形縣當地產的時令新鮮水果做成的雞尾酒及日本清酒,另外還有許多山形縣的知名料理和京都式家常菜。有當地導遊的陪同,您不用擔心日語溝通問題或找不到店家。 . 我們會有導遊陪同您一起,所以您不用擔心不會說日語或者找不到店家。



地點 山形站前
時間 約1.5小時
開始時間 下午6點
時間 約3.5小時
價格 17000日圓/每人

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